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    In this era of advanced technology, every individual prefers to use modern devices, software, gadgets and applications which supports advanced features. Gold Desktop is a telecommunication company which is worldwide popular to delivery top-class and quality product and services to the customers. Gold Desktop has introduced many amazing products for its customers but among all Gold Desktop is the most demand product. Gold Desktop is an all-in-one software that supports many advanced features and allow customers to browse, email and surf internet and use other supported features just via single software. All user need is to have Gold Desktop download on their device and after that user can enjoy the benefits of these amazing features. So if you also want to access the more secure and advanced services get gold download for your device today.

    Features supported by Gold Desktop

    Download gold and enjoy the following amazing features:

    How to download Gold Desktop?
    Windows- For Gold Desktop download on Windows you need to follow the given steps:

    If you have an Plan Membership then:

    • Click on the “My benefits” page.

    • Choose “All Products” and click on “Gold Desktop”.

    • Now, you have to click on download button for gold software download.

    If you have a subscription or trial version of the Gold Desktop:

    • Sign-in to “My Account Page”>> “My Services”>> “Subscription”.

    • Click on “Get Started” option present under the “Gold Desktop”.

    If you have a confirmation email from then:

    • Open the email and click on the “Download Link”.

    • Click on “Download Gold Desktop”.

    • Now you have to locate the download folders and click on the “Save” button.

    MAC- For  Gold Desktop download on MAC, you need to go through the given steps. Before downloading the Gold Desktop, make sure that all system requirements are fulfilled.

    Steps to download the Gold Desktop:

    • Open the Gold Desktop confirmation email.

    • Now, click on the download link.

    • Tap on downloaded files and enter the username and password for Gold Desktop.

    • Your Gold download for MAC is complete.

    Existing Account Download and Install


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